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Nutritional & Behavioral Counseling in Arlington

The devoted veterinary team at Arlington South Veterinary Hospital is here to help you and your pet with all of their nutritional, behavioral, and medical needs.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Pet

We believe that happy, healthy pets start with holistic care, which is why we offer nutritional and behavioral counseling services. Even though proper healthcare is essential to your pet’s quality of life, factors like nutrition and behavior can also have a dramatic impact on their happiness and longevity.

Call (817) 562-6114 or contact us online to make an appointment with our behavioral or nutritional specialists.

Nutrition to Feed Your Pet’s Body & Soul

What you feed your pet can have a huge impact on their health and quality of life. Arlington South Pet Hospital offers dietary counseling to ensure that your pet’s nutritional needs are being met at every stage of their life. Kittens and puppies need fuel to grow up big and strong, while senior dogs may need special food to keep their joints and organs healthy.

Factors to consider when determining your pet’s diet include:

  • Size

  • Breed

  • Age

  • Activity level

  • Medical conditions

No two pets are the same! Small animals will need less food than bigger animals, while pets that are very active may need more food than pets who prefer to lounge around.

If you notice that your pet is gaining weight, it can be indicative of an underlying illness or something as simple as overfeeding. We can help you adjust your pet’s diet to ensure they can maintain a healthy weight. Our veterinary staff will help you understand what might be causing your pet’s weight gain and how you can help keep them healthy.

Better Behavior for a Better Life

Your pets don’t train themselves. It’s not always easy to get them to behave as you would like them to, which is where Arlington South Pet Hospital can help. We can work with you and your pet to understand why they are behaving in a certain way and then give you the tools to retrain your pet.

Unwanted behaviors can include:

  • Aggression, such as growling or biting

  • Excessive barking or howling

  • Chewing on furniture or other objects

  • Biting or nipping while playing

While many of these behaviors are normal and natural in your pet, they can be difficult to deal with on a day-to-day basis. We’ll help you train your pet and redirect their behavior so you can enjoy time with them without being frustrated with your pet.

Arlington South Veterinary Hospital can help you identify why your pet is doing these behaviors, so you can avoid or prevent situations that cause them. We may also recommend some treatments, such as spaying or neutering, that can improve their overall demeanor.